Best Cardio Exercises To Do At Home


Nowadays, you may have heard about increasing heart disease cases in middle-aged people or even In teenagers too just because of poor nutrition and less workout.

Just like your body has different types of muscles that are shoulder, chest, back, triceps, biceps, quads, etc and they need a workout for effective functioning. As same as the heart is also a muscle of your body and it also needs a good workout for effective functioning.

Cardio workout is an aerobic exercise or heart rate booster workout. It is also known as cardiovascular exercises. Cardio is the workout which is meant for heart muscles, it increases your heart rate and then will increase the flow of blood and oxygen in your body. Therefore, cardio work out makes the heart stronger. A stronger cardiovascular system means fewer possibilities of getting heart diseases.

Cardiovascular exercises not only work on the heart but this is also helpful in burning fat from your body. Doing cardio workout with an empty stomach causes more fat to burn from your body. If you have some fitness goals like weight loss or fat loss than cardio workouts is the best weapon to kill both.

There are countless exercises for cardio you can do at the gym or home. In this CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, all the fitness centers and gyms are closed so you have only one choice left which is home, you only can do your cardio workout at home without any equipment just with your body weight. Before starting cardio make sure you do proper stretching and warm up your body.

Here are the seven best HIGH-INTENSITY cardio exercises you can easily do at home.

1.            JUMPING JACKS

2.            HIGH KNEES

3.            BURPEES

4.            ROPE SKIPPING

5.          Mountain Climbers

6.            STAIRS UP AND DOWN

7.            STEP UPS


Jumping jacks is the most effective, easy, and high-intensity workout you can do at home without any equipment. This is a ply metric exercise that intends a person to run, jump faster, stretching, and contracting the muscles fast. Jumping jacks is also known as star jumps, in this exercise you have to take a big jump on every rep. when you take jump then you take a position with spread legs wide and your hands must be clap going upward to the head and returning with the feet together and arms at the sides. This is your full-body movement workout, every single muscle is engaged with this and helps to raise your heart rate up.

Specially, it targets these muscles

•             GLUETUES

•             QUADS

•             HIP FLEXORS


High knees are also a ply metric exercise. It raises your heart rate very fast. This exercise is a little tough than jumping jacks. Your abdomen is totally engaged with this and its strength all your legs muscles. It improves the momentum of your body and increases the flexibility with better muscle mind connection. Because of various fitness benefits of high knees, it is incorporated with a wide range of workouts and you can do this anywhere or even at home. To do high knees all you have to do is make a muscle mind connection first and take a deep breath then stand in a shoulder-width apart and lift up your first feet up to your chest then get down towards the surface then lift second feet up to your chest then get down towards the surface. Move your legs alternatively. Continue the movement with running speed.

Specially it targets these muscles :-

•             CORE

•             QUADS

•             GLUETUES

•             HAMSTRING


Burpees are the full-body strengthening workout. This exercise is more challenging and hard to do exercise ever. This is a full-body movement workout almost all the muscles are engaged with it. You just use your body weight to do this exercise for resistance. To do burpees, first, start with a standing position in a shoulder-width apart. Then move your hands facing towards the ceiling and then take a slight jump than going to a push-ups position, then do a push-up and getting back to standing position. Repeat the movement with a pace and do reps as much as you can for getting faster and guaranteed results.

Specially target muscles:-

•             CHEST

•             TRICEPS

•             LEGS

This workout will take your heart rate to the peak.


Rope skipping is one of the oldest and easiest cardiovascular workout ever. This is not a SKIP workout. You just need a skipping rope and use your body to perform this and this exercise is more intense than simple jump and it burns overloads of calories in a single minute even you can’t think about it. The nature of this workout makes it more special as it takes your heartbeat up in less than a minute if you do this with the high intensity. Rope skipping is an anywhere can do the workout. You can do this in the gym or even at home.

This workout is also a full-body workout and burns more calories which causes faster results in fat loss and weight loss. If your goal is fat loss or weight loss in a mean time than this workout is meant for you.

To do this exercise, first, stand straight with a shoulder-width apart then grab a skipping rope behind your back and take a steady position then move rope around your body then take a little high jump and repeat this movement as much as you can. This workout is also known as the JUMP ROPE workout.

There are different variations of rope skipping:-

•             Alternate foot jump

•             Side swing

•             Criss cross

Mountain Climbers

What: Running the knees in and out from a push-up position.

Why: Mountain climbers raise the heart rate while building strength and endurance in the core. No special skills are needed.

Requirements: Strong wrists

Precautions: This exercise can tax the wrists, arms, and shoulders, as well as the core.

Variations: Alternate jumping each foot forward and back; use sliding discs, paper plates or towels; combine them with other exercises such as burpees, push-ups, or planks

Best Ways to Use Mountain Climbers in a Workout

  • In a Cardio Circuit: Add mountain climbers to your cardio circuit, doing them for 30-60 seconds each time.
  • In a Strength Workout: Combine mountain climbers with push-ups or planks to add intensity.
  • In Combinations: For high intensity, do a series of mountain climbers with burpees, alternate 10 push-ups with 10 mountain climbers, or add them to bear crawls.


Stairs up and down is a good and simple workout for toning your lower body. Researches have shown that it helps to control the blood sugar level in the body. It keeps your legs strong and toned. The flow of blood and oxygen in your body increases which means your heart and body becomes healthier. You don’t need special equipment and don’t need to go to the gym to do this you can do this at home it becomes more intense when you do it with a running pace. It burns more fat and raises your heartbeat up. You can increase the leg workout intensity by doing weight up and downstairs. It helps to reduce the soreness of legs.

You can do this anywhere, anytime. Choose stairs rather than lift.


This workout is so simple and helps to build strong legs.  The engagement of calves is more in it. The intensity of step-ups is more than the stairs up-down. This workout is similar to the stairs up-down. you don’t any special or fancy equipment to do this, all you need is a simple box or you can do this with your home stairs only with a single stair. This workout is performed by stepping on to the box. If you want to increase the intensity of this workout then add some weight. This workout builds a stronger lower body and improves the imbalance of legs.


•             Weight management

•             Balance blood sugar level

•             Healthy heart

•             Increase bone density

•             Increase stamina

•             Helps in fat loss

Maintaining a good healthy heart is very important nowadays. so try these some of the best cardio workouts or exercises that you can do at home without any pieces of equipment.

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