A study shows that 10 minutes of physical activity per day will be enough to build muscle

when we were Returning to sports after a long breakIt is often difficult to recover. Because often one gets the impression that it is necessary to devote at least several hours to this sport in the hope of seeing results. However, according to a study conducted by Edith Cowan University in Australia in collaboration with Niigata and Nishi Kyushu Universities in Japan, it is the intensity of the sports session that will make the difference, rather the regularity.

In the video, these calorie-burning sports:

regularity vs intensity

In fact, according to the researchers who took a look at this study, it’s better to focus on doing a small session every day to be healthier and muscular than exercising intensely once or twice a week. To draw such conclusions, the study asked three separate groups of people to complete a specific exercise over a four-week period. Each group had to work their biceps with dumbbells. The first group had to repeat this exercise 30 times in one day during the week. The second group did this six times a day for five days, and finally the third group did just one repetition each day for six days. The group that performed the exercise in one day did not show an increase in muscle strength, but muscle mass did increase. The group that repeated the exercise six times a day for five days showed no change, and finally the group that exercised only once a day throughout the week increased their muscle mass by 10% and their muscle strength.

15 minutes of exercise a day

So this research shows that it doesn’t necessarily require maximum effort to get results. The study also emphasizes the importance of the necessary rest periods to allow the muscles to develop effectively. In conclusion, we will remember that it is better to do a 15-minute gym session every day than to exercise for several hours several times a week. For once, this is the type of study that definitely gets us started!

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