Lidl sells the product that makes you want to exercise!

Another new nugget in Lidl! The retail company reveals the product that makes you want to exercise!

More new in Lidl! The supermarket put up for sale a super product that makes you want to exercise! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Another great product from Lidl

Every week it’s a liddle, it’s a news fair. You have managed to discover the periodic protection in the store. And not just because it’s ecological, too. So the company shared a message on the social network Instagram:

On Wednesday, discover our new health protection products! No need to choose between effective protection and an #environmental solution. » On the shelves you can find a mug at 9.99 euros a unit.

But also panties at €12.79 each and sanitary towels Eco, priced at €11.99, a pack of three. A big step forward, but not enough, Compared to Ireland!

This protection is offered free of charge, by giving tampon free box Every month for the woman who orders it: We hope to have an effect. on those who have to use suitable materials or not at all.”

And that’s not all! Recently in Lidl, You also find home appliancesHeart rate and blood pressure monitor! But also several cosmetic ranges: For all mums or future moms, the #Mama Care collection is made for you!

And that’s not all! Lidl also offered the product for sale.This makes you want to exercise ! This is a great idea for those who decide to exercise at home by setting up their own gym.

Great product for sports

In Lidl you can now find a file Great weight loss product or get in shape. Hence he is the rower. It’s great because it doesn’t take up much space. It weighs 13.7 kg and supports a maximum load of 110 kg.

That’s a lot Practical with comfortable handles! Also note that this rower works with the included batteries. It has a padded seat. It is impossible to have back pain.

And you can even entertain yourself thanks to your phone To integrated support for mobile or tablet. This rowing machine is made of steel and aluminum. he is There are also adjustable foot straps. But the question then arises, what rowing machine is used?

You can use it for heart disease. This is a great opportunity to lose calories and weight. More than that, you also have the possibility of gaining muscles in the shoulders and back.

This product also works on biceps, triceps, forearms, stomach…even legs and buttocks. If you’re interested, head straight to the store. for him The price is 109 euros.

A very reasonable amount for the product which can only benefit you. Bring your gym clothes, don’t forget your water bottle, and good luck with your session!

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