Bodybuilding: Effects of Sheathing

What is the gain?

The wrapping It is a strength training exercise. in position pumps With the weight distributed across the forearms and feet, the goal is to hold on for as long as possible.

In this exercise, you should keep your back straight and contract your muscles for better stability. So work is done in isometrics because the goal is to maintain this contraction over a certain period of time.

What is the benefit of sheathing?

It makes it possible to make a large number of muscles. Abdominal exercises and Back They are on the front line. The buttocks, quads and pectoral muscles are also in demand.

By strengthening the abdominal girdle, back pain can be avoided. It also helps to have a flat stomach and improves posture thanks to the muscle groups that the sheathing works.

Be careful, don’t imagine having chocolate bars by connecting minutes while doing the plank, it’s basically the deep muscles (especially the transverse abdominal muscles) that work. This strengthens the entire core.

By controlling the weight between the upper and lower extremities, balance is also used. With sheathing, the risk of injury is nearly zero, provided you adopt the correct posture.

The wrapping Useful in many sports (running, martial arts, handball, …), because it energizes the whole body and can help in gaining strength.

The other great advantage of wrapping It is within everyone’s reach. If heroes can keep the minutes (see hours world record), people unaccustomed to physical activity can hold the position for a few tens of seconds before significant progress is made. Such as a lot of frenchLet yourself be tempted by the cladding, it’s worth it!

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