At 61, Jean-Claude Van Damme is growing more bodybuilding than you, and you’ll be jealous

Global superstar of karate and the big screen, Jean-Claude Van Damme, will forever be associated with the world of sports. A model for many, over sixty, the Belgian still displays an impressive standard.

Don’t talk to him about retirement. yJane Claude Van Damme It’s in better shape than ever and doesn’t hesitate to show it. The person who recently gave us his feelings for us French Cyryl GaneHe is now over sixty years old, but he won’t let her go. The JCVD He just shared a video on his Instagram to show his fans all the power he’s still unleashing.

JCVD and bodybuilding

It is a reference in the world of action cinema. Jane Claude Van Damme He’s been a seventh art figure since the 80’s. Bloodsport, Kick-Boxer, Street-Fighter and Double Impact… Filmography speaks for itself. Likeable and unique, JCVD ​​is a jack of all trades. Before embarking on the world of cinema, he stood out from the rest by cultivating his body to the point of winning a bodybuilding competition and a title.”Mr. Belgium. This bodybuilder’s taste never left.

He is now 61 years old, born in Saint Agatha Berchem Shows over and over again physically to make a lot of people green. on me InstagramHe posted a video of him doing a popular weight training exercise to target the upper chest muscles. Dark glasses, a hat and a Belgian sweater that manages to lift a hundred kilos without shaking. Feast Made in JCVD.

Van Damme, the legend

But Jane Claude Van Damme He did not distinguish himself during his career with an incredible body and crazy flexibility. He played not only action roles, but also darker characters. in the movie JCVD, reincarnates himself in the hostage situation. In this powerful and deep role, the Belgian shows how he can be a complete actor.

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