Valery Kaprisky: what does her prudent husband, who has shared her life with her for 23 years, do?

At 60, Valérie Kaprisky continues to blow up the screen, especially in Astrid or Raphalle. She shares her success with her boyfriend of more than 20 years.

To live happy, live hidden. This aphorism is well suited for the couple that Valery Kaprisky and her husband have formed for many years. Recognized and beloved from the very beginning of her career, the actress went through particularly complicated times. In her youth, she underwent treatment that was life-saving on several levels. Psychotherapy can save. I am the proofValerie Kaprisky wrote in columns Parisian. For eight years, I learned to separate human value from artistic value. I know now that if you are rejected as an artist for a role, it does not mean that you are unloved. This applies to all professions. Your job is not you.”

Once she comes to terms with herself, Valerie Kaprisky took the time to find her half. She found him at the end of the ’90s, and since then, she has made total love with a mysterious man whose name we don’t know but who, like her, is drawn to the world of cinema. In fact, the actress’ husband is a successful documentary music composer. In his arms I found “More”also captured the actress in columns expensive. This allows him “To stay rooted in reality and withstand job vicissitudes like brutal choices of castings.” “I have shared my existence with my composer husband of twenty years, added Valerie Kapresky. As long as I have him by my side, I can handle everything else at random.”

Valerie Kaprisky: This is the “son” she was in a relationship with

“He’s a very nice guy, like me by the way.”, summed up the actress, who doesn’t speak up when it comes to immersion in her personal and marital life. in columns expensiveValerie Kaprisky explained that she did not become a mother. “I couldn’t do it, I gave up. I’m a mother-in-law, and that’s fine for me. I’m involved”, Confirmed to our colleagues. Very conservative about her husband, Valerie Kaprisky has had a more publicist affair in years with Ibn Maarouf. The actress revealed her role in 1984’s The Year of Jellyfish and, a few months later, found herself on the front page of magazines, pictured in the arms of…Anthony Dillon.

“I was thought to be a murderous woman, I was a childish woman”will explain, later, about this episode that shocked me so much. In 1987, the son of Alain Delon and Valerie Kaprisky found themselves on the cover of Paris Match. But this love story did not last long since the couple quickly separated. In her 60’s, the actress is now as fulfilling in her personal life as in her professional life as we find her especially in Astrid and Raphael. But recent years have not spared Valery Kaprisky, who often experienced menopause. “We have to dress like onions to anticipate heat stroke! We have mood swings, we laugh, we cry, we’re more fragile,” I have mentioned in detail in the Gala columns.

Valerie Kaprisky is living her ‘entire sexuality’

She added to our colleagues that it was important for her to live at that time ‘His whole sex life’ with his mate: I have always struggled against ideas being received. And menopause carries a lot of them. On the contrary, it is time to rediscover your youthful dreams, and to realize them. To free yourself from the eyes of others, to fully experience your sexuality. Now or never”. In order to better live this frightening moment for most women, Valery Kaprisky forced herself to lead a very strict lifestyle. “I do aerobic activity four times a week (…) I do floor weights, Pilates, abdominals and fibres.described. Low gluten, no dairy products made with cow’s milk. A little sugar (…) I reproduce the way my Polish ancestors lived in the countryside.”

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