Arm muscles after 50 years: 3 quick and easy exercises to tighten sagging skin and restore its color


You may have ever wondered how to get rid of hanging skin under the armpit, you know the skin we called it gently “a bat” or “Batman Wings”. So here are 3 simple exercises to help you redefine and strengthen your arms.

Your triceps and biceps will thank you! Tired of the skin drooping on the arms, the famous bat effect, You’ve come to the right place to fix it. Admittedly, age is partly responsible for the appearance of “Batman Wings”. And yes, the body does not contain a lot of collagen over time. The muscle cells that give the skin more firmness are also reduced. As a result, the skin loses its firmness and thus ends up drooping sloppy on the arms. How do you stop carrying the arms of a bat? What exercises should be done? Don’t panic, here are the answers to your questions.

Why hangs the skin of the arms?

This phenomenon may occur due to loss of muscle mass. But it may be after extreme weight loss, If a lot of fatty tissue is lost quickly, the skin also droops. As explained above, getting old is also one of the consequences. with no collagen in the body Due to the slowdown in production associated with aging, the arms (like other areas) lose their stability.

How to tighten loose skin in the arms?

Luckily, Sports is an indispensable ally To say goodbye to bat weapons. Strength training builds arm muscles. Thus, the more muscle, the lower the percentage of body fat. So the arms are firmer and more toned. To permanently get rid of sagging skin under the arms, It is necessary to perform targeted exercises at the level of the triceps and biceps.

3 exercises to remove sagging skin under the armpits

1. The perfect exercise to strengthen your arms

It is often said that to be beautiful, you have to suffer. Dips are no picnic but the physical result is there. This exercise involves placing both hands on a bench with both hands touching the back of a piece of furniture. The arms are placed behind. The elbows turn slightly inward. The movement consists of lowering the buttocks toward the floor, keeping the back straight. Of course you shouldn’t put your buttocks on the floor. But go ahead, and push yourself again, without fully extending your elbows. And so on. For beginners, bend the legs for ease.

Dips are great for building arm muscles. watchful

2. Recommended exercise for lean arms

This exercise is a great classic for an upper-body routine: tight pushups. Just put your hands flat below your shoulders. Stretch the legs well. Once the position is OK, you should bend your elbows and slowly lower your body until it touches the ground. Be careful, the elbows should remain tight to the body. When you reach the bottom, you have to press again. Beginners do not hesitate to perform this exercise on their knees.

Tight push-ups will add to your workout routine watchful

3. Exercise that targets perfectly suspended skin

By practicing this exercise called commission, You will feel the area where the skin hangs under the armpit. Sit on your knees, bottle in your hand. Next, pull the arm back, straighten the elbow and pull it along the chest. With every exhale movement. After two sets of 15 reps, switch to the other arm.

The kick is an exercise in feeling the triceps muscle watchful


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