5 good reasons for regular periods


The bicycle as a vehicle offers many beneficial advantages to exercisers, regardless of age or gender. Many recommendations suggest that regular cycling leads to good health and a better quality of life. However, some people still doubt this information and find it difficult to take action. Look through the lines to follow up on some relevant reasons that will clear your mind of any doubt about the need to cycle regularly.

A course to strengthen the cardiovascular system

The constraints of a sedentary life lead the average citizen of the world to not do enough physical exercise. Therefore, more and more people today suffer from cardiovascular disorders. But by cycling even at low intensity, you can Maintain optimum physical activity Thus strengthening the cardiovascular system. Indeed, the efforts of the heart muscle allow the formation of good vessels for the whole body andImprove the ability to breathe.

Ride a bike to lose weight and strengthen your muscles

Cycling regularly is particularly effective in burning calories, eliminating fat and fight weight gain. Thus, it makes it possible to reduce the risks of being overweight or obese as well as the consequences that they can cause: high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

This activity puts a lot of stress on the leg muscles and helps tone them without adding bulk. she helps you Redraw your silhouette Exactly because it also works the muscles of the chest, abdomen, arm, back and buttocks. Cycling promotes bone stimulation and helps maintain the quality of bone mass.

Maintains your joints and activates your venous system

Unlike other physical activities, regular cycling does not stress the joints too much. It is also an activity without restrictions and still available to most people.

You should know that pedaling requires the work of several muscles, including the muscles of the thighs and calf muscles in particular. Regular circulation causes blood vessels to dilate and Improves blood circulation of muscles and organs. Thus, it helps to regulate blood pressure and get rid of cellulite in the legs and heaviness in the leg sensation.

Strengthen the entire immune system

Regular cycling is an asset to The proper functioning of the immune system. It reduces the risk of various diseases and disorders, and allows you to work on cardio and muscle coordination while preserving joints provided that you find them. A good bike for your health. If you don’t know it yet, certain types of bikes are more useful for enjoying the benefits of regular pedaling.

Keep your sanity

Cycling regularly is good for the body, but also for the mind. Know that the moment of relaxation that follows any physical exertion can be facilitated Decrease in nervous tension. Since cycling is practiced outside, it allows you to get some fresh air and often takes advantage of natural light. Ventilation allows good oxygenation of the brain, which is of excellent benefit to Vital body functions. On the other hand, natural light allows for a good synchronization of circadian rhythms, which provides a better quality of life and reduces the risk of depression.

If you are depressed or stressed, cycling regularly can improve your mental health. It causes the release of endorphins that give the feeling Freedom and luxury.

Some reasons for adopting the bicycle as a means of transportation

It must be said that with the many benefits it brings to health and quality of life on a daily basis, the regular practice of cycling should be imposed on every individual. But more than just a physical activity, using a bicycle is above all a means of transportation that has interesting advantages.

move easily

A bike is the perfect solution to easily move from point A to point B. You can use it for your daily trips without fear of traffic jams. It allows you to pass through the parking queues and is easy to park. No need to go through the hassle of finding a parking space. Even if it sounds surreal, the bike allows you to move faster. It also provides greater freedom in using public transportation.

Save money

Adopting a bicycle as a means of transportation as part of a regular exercise is the perfect money-saving solution. Unlike other means of transportation, cycling requires very little expense. You can make a fairly large initial investment depending on the bike chosen, but the rest of your budget for the bike will be much less weight. It will only be necessary to plan for periodic maintenance and maintenance expenses.

Preserving the environment

In addition to the economic advantages, choosing a bicycle as the main means of transportation constitutes a measure conducive to preserving the environment. Cycling does not produce greenhouse gases and does not cause noise pollution.

It should be noted that contrary to what most people think, a cyclist is less exposed to pollution than a driver locked in his car. By bike, you can Enjoy more fresh air And the You won’t spend time in traffic jams.

What type of bike should you choose to enjoy regular cycling?

As you understand, not all types of bikes allow you to enjoy the benefits of cycling regularly. You will have to choose the perfect bike according to your needs and preferences.

Bet on an electric bike

It must be admitted that it is not always easy to establish and respect a routine of physical exercise. There is no guarantee that you will be able to spin in the specified time periods. The best solution is to make cycling a part of your daily routine by making it Your means of transportation. For this purpose, you will not find a file The best bike that is good for your health of an electric bike.

The latter meets all the criteria of cycling as a pleasant sporting activity. It allows you to move by providing only the necessary effort to activate the work of certain muscles in the body without straining them. you can Pedal at your own pace Determine the level of assistance needed based on the tracks and your condition. An electric powered bike allows you to do that Cycling in a friendly way While enjoying its various other benefits.

Hybrid bike and road bike

It’s supposed to be a hybrid bike Versatile and practical To ride on asphalt in the city and on country paths without getting tired. If you like to cycle a very long distance while riding fast, choose a road bike. It has several speeds and allows Hold a good road. These two types of bikes will allow you to practice cycling at will. But, you will have to rely only on your own efforts to move forward, no matter how complex the path may be.

How often should you ride a bike to enjoy its benefits?

Professionals recommend at least cycling three times a week to enjoy its benefits. Most people think that intense cycling on a specific day of the week is enough to improve their physical condition, and this is not necessarily the case. When you leave seven days between cycling practices, your body actually begins to lose the benefits gained from the last session. In the following practice, it almost resumes the starting work and can negatively affect your efforts.

On the other hand, a daily practice The bike would be perfect. Cycling every day can dramatically improve your physical and mental health if you find the right strength. Cycling for 30 minutes to get to work and 30 minutes to get home or go shopping helps strengthen your immune system. Moreover, this Facilitates recovery And your body adapts to this process.

What is the best time of day to cycle?

Strictly speaking, there is no perfect time of day to ride a bike. The choice is up to each individual. However, timing can directly affect the course of practice and the resulting gains.

the morning

Cycling in the morning allows you to:

  • You lose weight easily especially if you exercise on an empty stomach;
  • Relax muscles and joints.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by enhancing the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

In addition, you will enjoy the extension better recovery If you are cycling in the morning.


Cycling in the afternoon allows you to Better performance Compared to the morning, but also to reduce the feeling of tiredness. In addition, the body temperature will be higher at this time. It will take less time for the muscles and joints in your body to reach their full capacity.

the night

You can also ride a bike at night, which is a good time to free yourself from the stress accumulated throughout the day. Cycling helps relax the muscles and gives the body a boost of energy. It stimulates your entire body and helps you sleep better.


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