Aquasud is diversifying to attract a new audience


After summer vacation, the Aquasud pool is back to normal. Including time slots, with open Monday through Sunday (with non-stop Wednesday from 9:30 AM to 7:45 PM and Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM).

Throughout the week, in addition to swimming, various activities are offered at Aquasud. The Bones Entertainment Collection is relaunched this fall.

Hence, there are many aquatics sessions in the programme, from Monday to Sunday. On Saturday mornings, water game lessons are offered in the large pool.

Aquadouce also attracts an audience. “It’s a moderate activity to keep you fit through a full-body physical activity,” we explain on the side of the Agenaise indoor pool.

Other people gather for aqua riders sessions. On submerged bikes, exercisers work the calf muscles, thighs, sore muscles, abdomen or even back muscles.

Four Aquavin sessions

Others indulge in aquatic training. “It’s a little special. It’s a sport that allows you to do many activities in one sitting,” we detail in the MNS office. This activity is supervised by Clément Gozzo. “It is intended for all people who want to improve their physical condition.”

This back to school features the granny seal. Since Monday, October 3, two new activities have been carried out in the Aquasud program. “It’s also a way to attract a new audience and meet demand.”

Thus, it is now possible to practice aquapalm. This activity makes it possible to work in particular everything that is the lower body “such as the thighs, buttocks or calves”. “There is also an abdominal belt by performing exercises with the fins. Aquavin improves the cardiovascular system.” On Mondays, the session will be chaired by Kevin Roussault, on Tuesdays Alexandre Lista, on Wednesdays by Michel Martin and on Thursdays Cyril Dupont (every day at 12:30 pm except Wednesday at 7 pm).

Like a boxing match in the water

Finally, aquaboxing has also been added to the Agenaise pool programme. “It’s to reach the general public,” notes one online media message. We can compare it to a “body fight in water”. This session is scheduled to take place on Tuesday from 8 pm to 8:45 pm. This is done under the leadership of Michel Martin. Equipped with boxing gloves, followers will release steam into the water and music. To give greater rhythm to their gestures, the sequence of kicks and punches.

For more information, call 05 53 48 03 79 or on the website Price per unit or Discover 10 sessions or 1, 6 or 12 month subscription.


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